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One of the million variations of “The Loop” in the Woodside/Palo Alto area, this ride is a team training ride for the Peninsula Velo cycling club, and starts at the 92/Canada Road car park area, pictured here. It’s pretty easy to find the group, just get there at 8:00 and look for some red/black/white Peninsula […]

RIDE MAPS: Here is the route map for this ride, which will link you to the downloadable Google Earth map. Just click “View this route in 3-D (Google Earth)”. Download Google earth if you don’t have the latest version, which I recommend for its much cleaner navigation interface. RIDE DESCRIPTION The ride starts at the […]

RIDE DESCRIPTION I did this ride over the Memorial Day weekend, and I can tell you it’s both tough and gorgeous. Ride starts from the park at the west end of Donner Lake, and IMMEDIATELY starts jacking up the Donner Pass highway, at about a 7.5% gradient. There is a respite after a few hundred […]

There is a good time trial series that’s run on the Peninsula, on the popular Canada Road, where a lot of peninsula cyclists ride and train, called the “Beat the Clock” time trial series. Oh, and there is an uphill time trial up Old La Honda as well, which I’ll be doing on June 30. […]